Engine Box

I was thinking about that all the time while working on other parts of engine installation and even when the engine was in I still didn’t have the full picture on how I wanted. Looking at other boats gave me some ideas but every one was very much different to another, even if it was on other Galion. So, I build a box from … a cardboard.

Engine box mock-up

It took me few hours in making but it was great fun making my ‘blue print’ and have something to start with. I used most of it to cut real parts of the box. There were few changes in the ‘design’ but I think this is normal process when creating something new and maybe materials are different but many designers of 3D products use similar approach. The model comes first, than the real thing.

Here it is the real thing

Engine box

Engine box with step

You can clearly see the control panel above the box. The rev-counter, 12V socket, battery switch and stop cable handle found their places there as well. The small black box above the panel contains simple circuit with buzzer responding when there is no cooling water flowing through the flow control switch. The details can be found here: water flow alarm I found on Corribee.org website.

Each side of the box is detachable and can be removed giving an easy access to the engine. Also, sound and thermal insulation was glued and screwed to them with support of oversized plastic washers. I got it from ASAP supplies.

Behind the panel I placed a shore charger, so no problems with batteries when berthed in the marina.
I may add some pictures detailing box’s fixings, so you will have better idea on how the sides are hold tight together making nice and sturdy box. I hope my articles will help you attempt to fit or refit the engine on Galion 22 and maybe on other boats.

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