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East Coast Cruise

Morning on the 17th August was nice and sunny. 14 sailing cruisers lined-up for sail down the Thames river to Queenborough. At around 10’clock we have moved on. An interesting view of such fleet going down the river. On the picture below – me, Roger and Galion 22 ready to go.
Galion 22
Initially, little breeze but by the Tilbury docks it was a very different environment. Wind picked-up, clouds thickened and waves raised. Continue reading East Coast Cruise

On The Water

On 15th August Courage 1 was back on the water ready for its truly maiden voyage. It was maiden for the boat and for myself on it too. Well, I did sail it earlier but just a few miles to find out if all was well and what was yet needed and there were few issues with boom, mast, rigging or leaking shaft. This time, it was serious cruising we were up to.

Two days left before East Coast Cruise from GYC. Around 22 boats and 63 sailors to go. Good weather forecast for the next two weeks. Some shopping and off we go.

Galion 22 project – Courage I

It is almost 2 years when I and my friend began work on Galion 22 named Courage 1. Actually, the first stage was completed last year in July and boat was on the water there after.
We did some sailing and this allowed me to discover issues not recognised earlier, so boat was pulled out for further repairs and improvements and back on the water, however there were still things we thought could be done later. So, last April I lifted it out of the water because of damages done to her on the moorings and this also was a good moment for further improvements.
As the Courage 1 is now ready to launch again, I came to the point where I would like to share my experiences on this project. This is why I started this website where I step-by-step will show you all that have been done, well most of it. Some of those works were inboard engine installation, engine box build, running rigging refit, mast and boom refit, paint work and map table build.

Yanmar 1GM10 fitted
I hope this will help many other sailors on similar projects.