This website is dedicated to Galion 22 projects and problems, sailing experiences, technical data and it is for all, current and future, Galion 22 owner’s benefits.
I started it because another great website (Galion 22 Owners Association) disappeared from the Internet, so I thought it will be a good idea to fill-in the gap. To me, it was invaluable source of informations when my good friend bought the Galion22 as an unfinished project.
Since then I have great experience with this boat and know it upside-down, well to be honest still some details are still missing in my knowledge. But I’m going to share what I know.

There was (well still is online but there no admin any more) a forum for Galion 22 owners which seems died in 2012 as well. I thought that it would be useful to start it over, so I created one. Because I was not involved in the old one I couldn’t revive it. There is a link in the top menu – “Community”, so please use it.

I will happily work with other owners to add more data and experiences, so please contact me if you would like to share your own.

Also, any constructive comments and suggestions are very much welcome to improve this website and spread ‘the good news’ about sailing and Galion 22 in particular.

I wish you have spent an interesting and useful time on this website.